Delighting In The Word

“I will delight in your statues, I will not forget your word.”  Psalm 119:16

Summertime is finally here!  Hopefully, this summer will be an opportunity for you to break away from your normal routine and relax.  It is my experience, however, that sometimes this is not the case.  Our best intentions to “get away” and “relax” often end up busier than we had planned.  

Recently, my family and I made a road trip back to Texas to visit our families (Whataburger and Buc-ee’s included). With what would be great moments of seeing the ones we love, also came constant busyness.  It seemed as if there was not a moment to catch our breath, much less, spend time in God’s word.  It was through all of this busyness that I desperately longed for time alone to sit and meditate on scripture.  I realized that through the change in pace and environment (enter a dozen extra family members), I had neglected to spend my “normal” time in God’s word.  

I opened my bible to Psalm 119, as I often do when I realize I’ve gone too long without being refreshed by the word.  Verse 10 says “With my whole heart I seek you; let me not wander from your commandments!”  I was certainly prone to wander!  I did not have to same time available or the same environment that I was used to.  I had to learn how to be a little more flexible and intentional if I was going to draw close to the Lord.  

“I will delight in your statues, I will not forget your word.” Psalm 119:16

As I read on, I realized how, despite the psalmist’s encouragement to not forget God’s word, I had done just that.  Amongst the busyness, I had forgotten to stop and “delight” in His statues. Excitement and zeal for the words of the Lord are sprinkled all throughout this psalm.  In verse 97, the psalmist says “Oh how I love your Law! It is my meditation all the day.”  Did you catch that? “All the day.”  Not just at a certain time that we have designated to meet with God.  We can’t put God in a time slot on our day.  He is the one who holds our days.

Look at how excited the psalmist was in just thinking of the word of the Lord:
“How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” Ps. 119:103
“Your testimonies are my heritage forever, for they are the joy of my heart.” Ps 119:111

Let us not stray from that excitement for God’s word this summer.  Like mine, if your schedule looks different than the norm, chances are, your time spent in God’s word will look different.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.  This may mean that some days your kids will wake up before you and your scheduled alone time in prayer has suddenly disappeared.  You might be on vacation with different people in a completely different place.  Not only are you not on your normal schedule, but there is never a moment alone.  Friend - don’t miss these moments.  These are the moments that God has called you to be his hands and feet.  It may mean spending time with your kiddo a little longer, even though they interrupted your time with the Lord.  Remember that God is not only on His throne during the one hour you set aside to meet with him.  He is on His throne and He is present in those busy moments with friends and family.  

Try a new approach instead of getting frustrated that your plans for those quiet moments haven’t turned out as you wished.  Take a walk while listening to a podcast or the weekly sermon.  Listen to your favorite bible app while washing those extra dishes …..again.  Take advantage of that road trip time to listen to God’s word as a family or turn on some Christian music and let it lead your thoughts back to your Heavenly Father.  God just might use these busy times to give you a fresh passion for His word.

Remember, when you do have those amazing opportunities to relax and recharge, don’t forget to sit and dwell at the foot of the cross.  Spend the extra time in prayer. Go deep into God’s word.  Don’t just casually read it because it is routine; “delight” in His presence. Read through Psalm 119 this week and let your excitement for God’s word be contagious to those He puts in your path.

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