Moving On From Manna

Our men’s and women’s Bible studies are in the book of Joshua and it’s full of timeless truths and promising parallels. In the middle of chapter 5, we read that the people of Israel have observed the Passover meal. It’s like a bookend to their story: while still in Egypt, before starting their exodus, they observed the very first Passover meal (Exodus 12). Now here at the end of their exodus, having arrived at their destination and being the right time of the year, they observe it again. I’ve wondered about the emotional atmosphere. How many of the people made the connection of this timely bookend? While they likely still observed Passover in the wilderness as this article suggests, the very next day, they ate the produce of the land, cakes, and grain. The manna ceased the day after that. A small mention, but can you imagine? Their entire lives this group of people only knew the flavor of manna. Leftovers are one thing… the same exact meal, day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after… you know! And now it’s over. What a monumental, delectable time! It may have been mesmerizing, maybe even a bit paralyzing– they are done wandering in the desert, they’ve crossed the overflowing Jordan (on dry ground), and they tasted the goodness of the land flowing with milk and honey! What a happy culmination of their story and a time linger at the table of celebration! But it’s not the culmination. They have a mission to fulfill, a calling to take the land and make it theirs because God said so. Likewise, friends, we have a mission and an ongoing calling before us. We praise God and are thankful for His provision of land and a building. Yet we can’t lose sight of making Jesus non-ignorable to those around us and to the ends of the earth. Like the Israelites who celebrated and worshiped… and continued on, we need to do the same.

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